Moving Checklist: Tasks for Local Moves

Moving Checklist tips

Needless to say that sketching out a plan before doing anything makes the action perfect and suitable to take. Similarly, while you are moving or relocating to a new place, no doubt that a moving checklist can make your moving more fun and smooth simultaneously. With the view to minimizing your stress while creating moving checklist, we’ve come up with the tasks that you want to include in your moving checklist. Note than the moving list will be based on different time frames. 

Without further ado! Let’s jump into the details

Time: 4-6 Weeks

-  Start Sorting Storage Area

In order to initiate your packing it is wise to look into your closets, cabinets, and other storage areas that need to be sorted and purged of unneeded items.

-  Donate or Sell Used Stuff

You don’t want to take all the old stuff unless those are antique and exquisite to the place because that will not brighten up your new place. So, take the opportunity to either donate or sell all your unwanted or used items on eBay, Amazon or others.

-  Shop Moving Supplies

Inventory your belongings and order boxes, packing materials, packing tape, labels, and any other specialized supplies you might need.

-  Know When to Move

If you are done with the mentioned steps, then fix a time and date when you begin moving you stuff to new place.

Time: 2-4 Weeks

-  Item Listing

In the second stage of your moving plan, start making list of valuable stuff that will go with you to the new place. Items such as important records, expensive jewelry, small electronics, sentimental items, and collectibles can be listed in this list.

-  Pack Unique Stuff

Now it is time to begin packing all of your unique and expensive stuff slowly because this takes some time and need to be handled with care. 

-  Apply for Parking Permits

If you need to reserve moving-day parking in front of your current or new home, apply for permits sooner than later.

-  Explore Neighborhood

Take the opportunity to see the neighborhood before you moving in to the new place so that you don’t feel like an ‘intruder’ in that neighborhood. Moreover, if you visit the neighborhood several times, you will receive warm welcome. 

Time: 1-2 Weeks

-  Before you move out to a new place, it is your responsibility to Notify cable, gas, electric, water, garbage, and phone services of your upcoming move and ask for the end of the date or cycle bill ahead of time. 

-  Updating your address file is crucial and this can be done at a post office which take several days to process and give you the update.

-  Now’s the time to get serious about packing anything you don’t use on a daily basis.

Time: Happening Day

While moving day is as much exciting as it is, you may forget some little or big things easily during your relocating process. 

-  Disassemble any remaining furniture

As soon as you can it’s also good to get this done before any moving help arrives.

-  Use Own Vehicle To Relocate Expensive Items

Even if you have hired a moving company, it is wise to use your car to transport valuable things with you so that you can remain calm while moving.

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